Methods for cleaning rivers, lakes and reservoirs

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Ways to clean rivers and lakes

Ways to clean rivers and lakes - in order to create a beautiful and picturesque landscape, you must regularly spend time cleaning and cleaning the reservoir. Dirty reservoirs adversely affect the state of the ecological system, negatively affect the state of nature and can threaten the lives of people and animals. Such reservoirs are especially dangerous for residents of nearby areas.

When vaporized, debris decomposes into small particles that easily enter the human respiratory system, can cause serious harm and become a threat to life. Some species of plants and animals that live in these conditions often become extinct. This makes it necessary to think and start taking any measures, leads to the development of new modern methods of cleaning rivers and lakes.

Methods of cleaning reservoirs from pollution

There are 5 most common methods:
  • Mechanical impact on pollution;
  • Chemical cleaning;
  • Biological cleaning method;
  • Cleaning the water environment with ultraviolet light;
  • Purification of the reservoir with the help of minerals.

Lets save the planet

Grandiose things are done by grandiose means. Nature alone makes great things a gift. Said Herzen A. I We are the masters of our nature,and it is the storehouse of the sun with all the treasures of life. Fish need water, birds need air, animals need forests, steppes, mountains, and man needs nature. And protecting it is our main goal. Let's take care of it! If we don't protect nature, then who will? Save the world together! People invest a lot of money in forest protection funds. But many plants and animals have already been wiped out. It is important for everyone to remember that we are the masters of nature, and to think about what will remain for our descendants. Air is our father, Mother water, Rosa is a national treasure, Earth – house

proposals for nature conservation

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